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B/F-Tenor-Posaune JV-188-FXG

ArtNr.: JV-188-FXG

Zugbohrung 13,9 I Schalldurchmesser 220

  • B/F-Tenor-Posaune JV-188-FXG
Lieferzeit: 8 - 16 Wochen
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- Messing mit Goldmessing-Schallstück
- Voigt-free-flow-Ventil im X-Design
- Zugbohrung 13,9 mm
- Schalldurchmesser 220 mm
- verstellbare Handstütze
- ergonomischer Quersteg
- Außenzug Goldmessing und Zugbogen Neusilber
- klarlackiert
- Allfiber Bag, Mundstück T7, Pflegeprodukte

- eingetragenes, geschütztes Design HABM 002255711-0001

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I had several reasons for buying a Voigt J-189-FX.
Firstly, as a European I prefer to choose a European trombone if it is at least as good as an American or Japanese instrument. For me as a Dutchman, Germany is relatively close and a visit to Markneukirchen, a town where almost all kinds of musical instruments are built, is worthwhile. In the Voigt family company with its more than forty employees, they have a great deal of knowledge and experience available and the director is a master builder herself. They are open-minded and think along with the customer.
Secondly, the build quality. The finish of this instrument is like that of a Swiss watch. The soldering is of high quality. The slide leaves nothing to be desired. The J-189-FX has its own character due to the original X-shape of the F-attachment with few bends and with room for the player's neck. The extra large but lightweight valve gives virtually no resistance and no change of timbre. The instrument comes in a beautiful, glossy case with an attached bag for sheet music.
Thirdly, the ergonomics. With many trombones, most of the weight rests on a single joint of the player’s middle finger. The J-189-FX however has an adjustable hand rest of wood, which rests in the palm of the left hand, and an ergonomic cross-stay, on which the middle finger, ring finger and little finger have more grip. These two features make holding the instrument less tiring.
Fourthly, the sound. The intonation is impeccable. Compared to American trombones with the same bore (13.9 mm) and bell (22 cm), the Voigt J-189-FX has a somewhat less fat sound quality. As a result, you can not only play a heavy Wagner opera, but also pieces like the “Sonata” for horn, trumpet and trombone by Poulenc or “The Soldier’s Tale” by Strawinsky, which call for a lighter, French sound. The J-189-FX is a versatile instrument.
Dr. Kees van Hage, Amsterdam
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