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Shawms were invented in Markneukirchen in 1905 at the Max B. Martin company on the basis of the so called "Imperial fanfare", which was developed at the same place in 1895. The sound is produced by forcing the metal reeds – the volume cannot be adjusted. In 1920 the first orchestras started practising shawm music, dividing the registers into melody, accompaniment and bass sections.

Our shawms have a particularly light design. This means that players can play the instruments at fairly long concerts without getting tired. 
Equipped with Monel valves (Monel is a corrosion-free nickel/silver alloy), these instruments need little maintenance. We place a great deal of importance on the easy production of sound and ideal tuning, one of the main preconditions for the unique, characteristic sound of a shawm.

Our range of shawms is supplemented by a range of accessories, e.g. tailor-made, well padded bags with a rucksack attachment, spare parts and sets of reeds and we offer repair services. 
Special instruments are made to satisfy customer requirements; we carry out repairs and provide spare parts and accessories, like cases, gig bags and lyres. 

Imperial fanfares, football horns or bulb horns are other instruments based on the principle of the shawm. 

We make huge efforts in close cooperation with our customers to meet constantly changing musical demands by introducing new developments and quality improvements.

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